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Visit the 1200 year old ancient route!
The ancient road
  Rokujuri-goe Kaido


Over 1200 years, this road has preserved traces of historical events

"Rokujuri-goe Kaido," an ancient road connecting the Shonai plain and the inland area is said to have opened about 1200 years ago. This road was the only road between Shonai and the inland area. It was a precipitous mountain road from Tsuruoka city to Yamagata city passing over Matsune, Juo-toge, Oami, Sainokami-toge, Tamugimata and Oguki-toge, then going through Shizu, Hondoji and Sagae. It is said to have existed already in ancient times but it is not clear when this road was opend.

The oldest theory says that this road was opened as a governmental road connecting the Dewa kokufu government which was located in Fujishima town (now Tsuruoka city) and the county offices of the Mogami and Okitama areas. But there are many other theories as well.

In the Muromachi and Edo periods, which were a time of prosperity for mountain warship, it became a lively road with pilgrims not only from the local area, but also from the Tohoku and Kanto areas heading to Mt. Yudono as "Oyama mairi" (mountain pilgrimage) custom was booming. During the age of Provincial Wars, the Mogami clan and Shonai clan fought fierce battles with each other over their territories. The road was full of troops and battle flags in those days. On the other hand it was also a vital road for common people, they carried aeafood and candles from Shonai, and safflower, cotton, beans and leaf tobacco from the inland area on their backs.

From the Meiji year 30 (around the 1900s), this road was not used much as a new road was opened. But today this ancient road covered in moss is still rich with historic remains.

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Recommended course of Rokujurigoe Kaido
(break time not included)

short trip course 1 (for beginners)

  • Approx. 45min., 1.3km, 150m rise
  • Juo-toge pass - Itaya Shimizu spring - Churenji Temple

short trip course 2 (for beginners)

  • Approx. 100min., 4km, 200m rise
  • Dainichibo Temple - Sainokami toge pass - Yanagi Shimizu spring

Enjoy the ancient road of Dewa course (for intermediates)

  • Approx. 6hrs, 9km, 660m rise
  • Tamugimata - Arikoshi-zaka hill - The ruins of Dokko-Chaya tea house - hosogoe-toge pass - zange-saka hill - Mt. Yudono main shrine

Complete course of Rokujurigoe kaido (for the experienced)


  • Approx. 5hrs, 12km, 400m rise
  • Kobo-no-watashi (wharf) - Juo-toge pass - Churenji Temple - Dainichibo Temple - Sainokami toge pass - Yanagi Shimizu spring


  • Approx. 4.5hrs, 9km, 660m rise
  • Tamugimata - Arikoshi-zaka hill - The ruins of Dokko-Chaya tea house - hosogoe-toge pass - zange-saka hill - Mt. Yudono guest house for warsshipers


  • Approx. 5hrs, 9km, 430m rise
  • Mt.Yudono toll road tollgate - Ooguki-toge pass - Kakione ridge - The ruins Hudoin - Shizu

The ancient road Rokujuri-goe Kaido.

1. Mt. Yudono and the four temples of the Shingon Sect.
2. What is Dewa Sanzan ?
3. So-Okunoin Mt. Yudono.

Mt. Yudono Worship and Sokushinbutsu.
The Man of Miracle who Exists Beyond Space and Time.

Attractions guide 1
Tamugimata from Kobo-no-Watashi (wharf)

Attractions guide 2
Mt. Yudono main shrine from Arikoshizaka hill
You can walk the Rokujuri-goe Kaido as follows.
(When information boards are present)
  • Matsune - Churenji Temple
    The middle of May - The middle of November
  • Churenji Temple - Gomadan-ishi rock
    The end of May - The beginning of November
  • Gomadan-ishi rock - Mt. Yudono
    The middle of June - The beginning of November
  • Mt.Yudono toll road tollgate - Shizu
    The end of June - The middle of October
*A "yama sendonin" guide is required up untill the end of June as there is still snow on the path. The traversability of the road depends on the amount of snow.
Outfit and belongings Mountain-challenging gear, climbing boots and cap are necessary.
Sneakers and canvas shoes are NOT suitable! It is better NOT to wear black-colored clothing.
You MUST have a bear bell.